LogicLot was built in partnership with cabinet companies just like yours. That makes us unique. We understand what you need and how you do business. The platform was built around the needs of cabinet companies for cabinet companies. Our history is not long but our experience is.

This joint venture took industry experts and paired them with IT software experts to build a truly remarkable platform that automates the slew of manual processes in existence at many companies today.

You might be familiar with those white grease boards carefully partitioned to represent what’s ordered, what’s not, what’s getting installed when, what’s on what truck etc. etc. Referred to as “the board” in many places we calendar, plan and schedule our business on a board on a wall.

LogicLot automates all this and gives your whole company access to what they need anytime from any device. You won’t risk ever “losing” or “forgetting” about something again, and that translates into cost savings and more money in your pocket.

If we’ve done that, then we’ve accomplished what we set to do when we started this effort in the first place!