You can easily manage your cabinet business within LogicLot from defining builders and subdivisions to individual lot maintenance and monitoring. Features include the ability to track construction progress, place cabinet orders with the manufacturer, order hardware supplies, manage costs, track shipments, schedule installation and much more.


At LogicLot, we grew up in the modern age of cloud computing. What does that mean to you? Well for starters, it’s going to make things really easy! Meet SAAS (Software as a Service). SAAS gives you the software you need to manage your business without any risky upfront costs. Also, you don’t need an IT staff, you won’t need to buy equipment or servers and you will only pay for what you use. All you need to do is sign up, answer a few questions about how you would like your personalized sofware to work, then you’re all set to start taking advantage of everything the LogicLot platform has to offer.


LogicLot has been designed to be customized around your specific business. While we are confident the platform will resemble how cabinet companies do business in general, we also fully appreciate that all businesses are unique for good reason, just like us! LogicLot has been designed to allow for many user friendly customizations, including workflows, naming conventions, checklists, themes, logos and a number of other flavors that will keep your version branded and unique to your business. All of these customizations are built into the standard package and price so you won’t be subject to future costs to upgrade due to your customizations.


LogicLot comes with built in portal access for your builders. Might sound a little confusing, so let me explain. This portal access allows builders you work with to login to LogicLot where they can view status of their lots and perform other self serve functions such as creating warranty (customer service) requests or sending inquiries. Giving the builder the ability to help themselves to the information they need about your installation status will hopefully free you up from the barage of status update phone calls you get. A little automation to streamline your business and help you be more profitable!


We understand that you might have many people working in your organization all with different roles and responsibilities. Someone who works in accounting concerned with crunching numbers and viewing financials where another employee may be responsible for installing cabinets in a home. You will want all these folks to be able to use LogicLot to support their jobs but they have different access requirements. Fortunately LogicLot was built with this in mind and is fully configurable and roles based. You (or an administrator you apoint) can assign roles to each user access limiting them to views and information that support their job function and ensuring sensitive information stays out of the wrong hands.